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Elijah sommerz is a Noted Public Figure for social unconstitutional Justice Advocacy,  Elijah Sommerz is the First Afrocentric Canadian Elected to independently to conduct a convocation with the United Nations Group Experts on the underlying constitutionality within the corrections & competition Acts, this was Brought Forward on behalf of the African Canadian Legal Clinics Team Council to whom elected MR Robert Elijah Sommerz Vernon that was under current jurisdictions of the underlined unconstitutional penal institution, to Date The report was brought forward by UN-group experts pertaining to the constitutional laws to the Canadian corrections justice of Ontario to further raise awareness to vindicate the underlying unconstitutional issues within the penal institution.

Before Fame
Elijah Sommerz was a random victim of gun violence in late October 2011 his brother/ confidant NIGEL CAINE where both fatally shot on the night of October 21, 2011, Nigel Caine later succumbed to his injuries.

Family Life
ELIJAH SOMMERZ was born in Toronto, Ontario on the 22nd of December, 1991. His parents Split up when he was 2 years old of Age, for Reason pertaining to Deborah Vernon Elijah Sommerz mother’s drug Addiction, she was also incarcerated for short periods of times throughout Elijah Sommerz adolescent years to further protect Elijah Sommerz from the Precariousness of the environment that she underwent, At the time of his birth to Throughout his adolescence upbringing. Elijah Sommerz was placed in the care of children’s aid society form birth and also throughout his infant years.

When was Elijah Sommerz Born?
December, 22, 1991
Toronto, Canada

Origin: Canada, Micmac Heritage Jamaican & Grenadian-Heritage Background
Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur & Businessman, Talent Manager
Birth name: Robert Vernon
Born on: December 22, 1991
Labels: J stone Management group & co –2016 Present – Affirmation-Record Label -undisclosed – Joint venture Based 2019
Genres: Hip-Hop, pop/R&B music, Hard-core Rap
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario.
Profession: Modern Canadian Entrepreneur, Businessman, Songwriter, Musician Actor,
Executive producer, Web Tech Software Engineer